Tapas in Madrid – a Food Photo Essay

Recently, I started adding some photo essays to this website, to tell our travel story through photos.  Most of our experiences focus on food, but we have seen some lovely cities as well.  The photo essays can show you the buildings, the architecture, the street scenes.

But, in Madrid, Spain, it was cold and rainy the entire time we were in the city – making it pretty hard to take many good photos.  So instead, here is a photo essay of another kind.

There are so many things I love about Spain – most of them revolve around the Spanish food.  We ate so much good food while in Madrid, I would love to explain each and every dish we ate over our four days.  These were some of my favorites Spanish tapas in Madrid:

Our Spanish “breakfast” – french fries, chorizo, roasted peppers, and fried eggs


Yes, this was pretty much the first thing we ate.  We stopped for a coffee just before, but this was our breakfast.  Not really a problem with the fried egg on top.  What you don’t see are the two beers sitting on either side of the plate.  Happy breakfast!


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Bacalao – cod fish fritters at Revuelta


One of the stops on our mega food tour of Madrid, Revuelta is an institution.  We were surrounded by locals eating these crispy and fried pieces of fish on a rainy afternoon in Madrid.  Now, this is tapas in Madrid.

Homemade vermouth, with tapas


Certainly not what we imagine as tapas in the US.  These are tapas in Madrid, really something to accompany the giant glass of vermouth.  A slice of bread with some cured meat.  And, check out the vermouth.  In the States, vermouth is really only put in a martini or some sort of cocktail, but in Spain it is drank on its own.  Slightly bitter, but generally served over ice, it is so freshing.

Pimientos de Padron – roasted peppers


One of my new favorites and not something I saw much in the States, at least not as far as I can remember.  These fried peppers are not for the faint of heart – some are spicy and some are not.  So, it is like you are playing a little roulette every time you bite into one.  I don’t mind because I love the spicy.  They are served warm and sprinkled generously with salt.



Another dish that was new to me before this visit. I imagine anchovies in the little can, something only old men ate in the States.  But, these are fresh little fish, marinated in amazing olive oil and some seasonings.  They are slightly sweet, and a little tart.  They are the perfect tapa on the side of a cold beer, or a glass of vermouth.

Hopefully you can track down these tapas in Madrid next time you are in Spain.

2 thoughts on “Tapas in Madrid – a Food Photo Essay

  1. Amber Hoffman says:

    Why Waste, these photos are making me hungry right now, probably why we are thinking about heading to Spain and Italy later this year…

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