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Gulf Coast travel guide including the best eats along the Mississippi and Louisiana gulf coasts

What happens when two Yankees come home to the US for the first time in years? We head south. We have been lucky living in Bangkok to find some decent American comfort food. We’ve found good pizza and hamburgers and even found some good Mexican in Bangkok. The one thing we haven’t found is Southern comfort food. That’s we we spent a few weeks driving across the US south, in search of the best Gulf Coast eats.

We spent a good chunk of our six week road trip along the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Starting in Tampa, we made our way west. We spent a night in Mobile, Alabama, visited the Mississippi Gulf Coast, followed by a week in New Orleans, and then off to Lafayette and Baton Rouge. This stretch of our American road trip was one of the tastiest. We ate some amazing food. But, some of the dishes we ate just stood out. These are the best Gulf Coast eats, and the ones you should track down!