Sham Shui Po Shopping – Exploring Hong Kong’s Local Neighborhood

Sham Shui Po district is located in the heart of Kowloon and not far from some of the most popular Hong Kong tourist neighborhoods. The Sham Shui Po shopping district is characteristic of much of Hong Kong, the side of Hong Kong not normally seen by travelers. It hosts historic sites, unique architecture, and all sorts of food options. It also offers some of the most interesting shopping in Hong Kong. This is one district that is as local as Hong Kong gets.

We’ve traveled to Hong Kong about a dozen times since our first visit almost ten years ago. During our earliest visits, we stayed mostly in the tourist hot spots of Tsim Sha Tsui or Wan Chai. During subsequent visits, our circle of exploration widened. We explored Causeway Bay, Central, and Sheung Wan. We even spent a few weeks housesitting in Taikoo Shing and Quarry Bay, certainly not touristy Hong Kong neighborhoods. Although we might not be true Hongkongers, but we know our way around.

In this Sham Shui Po blog, we explain what the district is like and what you can see there. We also include a map tht provides a walking tour, to act as a Sham Shui Po guide. If you do have an extra day to explore Hong Kong outside of the main tourist areas, this is one neighborhood I would definitely recommend exploring!

What I Love About Hong Kong

Sham Shui Po DistrictOne of the things I love about Hong Kong is that there is so much to explore, to see, to eat, and to experience. It’s a challenge because sometimes I want to go back to our favorite places – the neighborhoods that feel comfortable to us, to eat at the restaurants we love. It seems that each time we visit Hong Kong, though, we extend our time in the city to always ensure we have sufficient time to do both – our old standbys and soon-to-be favorites.

The more time we spend in Hong Kong, and the more time we explore, the more we feel we can find an authentic connection. It’s a connection to the people, culture, and food of Hong Kong. The Sham Shui Po district is just the type of authentic Hong Kong neighborhood I love – a little funky with great food and not that far from the prime tourist spots.

Shopping Where the Hongkongers Shop – Sham Shui Po District

Sham Shui Po Shopping District Hong KongEven if only window shopping, exploring Hong Kong’s shopping areas is a great way to understand how the locals live – and what they wear. Sham Shui Po is the perfect neighborhood to explore on foot to do just that. Sham Shui Po Shopping District has certain streets are known for what they sell. The streets specialize in particular fashion accessories and textiles. Cheung Sha Wan Fashion Road offers some great bargains, along with loads of shops selling textiles and sewing accessories. The deals are so good they are practically wholesale pricing. From Cheung Sha Wan you can explore one of the many themed DIY fashion streets from Ki Lung Street (known as “Button Street”) to Nam Cheong Street (known as “Ribbon Street”).

The other difference with Sham Shui Po is that this is where local art and fashion students shop. It provides an entirely different perspective than the shopping on Hong Kong’s Salisbury Road, home to Shanghai Tang, Tiffany, and the like.

How to Visit Sham Shui Po Kowloon

Sham Shui Po Shopping GuideWhen looking at the Sham Shui Po Map below, start with Cheung Sha Wan. Exit the train Sham Shui Po Station from Exit A1. Walk north to Yen Chow Street. To the left is the Dragon Centre Sham Shui Po. A few blocks farther down is the Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar. The Bazaar is a 40-year-old textiles market. Heading north continue back towards Cheung Sha Wan, and pass it (You need to go a block out of the way in order to actually cross the big street).

Two blocks farther is Fuk Wing Street, which is the Sham Shui Po Toy Street. It’s also home to the Sham Shui Po computer center, known as the Sham Shui Po Golden Computer Centre. Walk past all the toy sellers, about three blocks to Nam Cheong, or Ribbon Street. Even if you’re not in the market for lace or ribbon, just looking at all the shapes and colors is a unique Hong Kong experience.

Wandering down Nam Cheong Street, past Cheung Sha Wan, are some of the other highlights of the Sham Shui Po shopping district. First is Yu Chau Street, or Bead Street, which has everything jewelry related, from beads to costume jewelry shops to Swarovski crystals. Then comes Ki Lung Street, known as Button Street. It is also home to the Sham Shui Po fabric market. Some of the up-and-coming local designers buy their fabric here. The next block is Tai Nan Street, or Leather Street.

Make a left from Nam Cheong Street down Tai Nan Street to see the famous Man Fung Building. The Man Fung Building is sandwiched between a typical white Hong Kong shop house and a tall bright yellow mid rise. In between is an artistic rainbow building, in the shape of an adorable bear. It almost mimics the brightly-colored beads and ribbons just a few blocks away. After, reward yourself with some Michelin Star dumplings at Tim Ho Wan. Tim Ho Wan is only a handful of blocks up Wong Chuk Street. . . and it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant!

This walking tour of Sham Shui Po Shopping District provides a perfect way to explore a true Hong Kong locals’ neighborhood.

Sham Shui Po Map

Let this Sham Shui Po Map guide your walking tour of the neighborhood. Or just wander. Sometimes, that’s more fun. This map starts at the metro station and then explores each of the little “sub-neighborhoods” within the district. The map follows the guide above, to help guide you during a walking tour of the shopping district.

FAQs – Sham Shui Po District

hong kong dim sum - Sham Shui PoWhere to Find Sham Shui Po Food: One of the most famous places to eat dim sum in Hong Kong is Tim Ho Wan, at the edge of the neighborhood on Tai Po Road. You can also try some of the local food stalls in between shopping stops. Try to snack on street-side dumplings, egg waffles, or for the more adventurous, deep-fried pig intestines, called tza daai cheong. Try Hop Yik Tai on Kweilin Street for buns and noodles. There is no shortage of Sham Shui Po restaurant options.

Where to Shop in Sham Shui Po: Just wander the Sham Shui Po market area at your own pace, for either shopping or window shopping. The locals do both. In addition to wandering the streets check out some of the more trendy shops, like Doughnut, known for hip backpacks. Or hit up Sunfafa for vintage clothing. Shop for bargains on Cheung Sha Wan Fashion Road or at the hawker stalls at Pei Ho Street.

Where is Sham Shui Po Hong Kong: The Sham Shui Po neighborhood is on the Kowloon side of the bay. It’s north of Tsim Sha Tsui. Cheung Sha Wan Road cuts right through the center of the neighborhood. The Sham Shui Po MTR station deposits travelers right in the thick of the shopping area. The Sham Shui Po station is only 5 stops north of Tsim Sha Tsui on the red line (Tsuen Wan Line).

This campaign was created and sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in partnership with iambassador. As always, all opinions are my own. You know I just love Hong Kong! 

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