Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau – A Proper Gin and Tonic

Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau For someone who once swore off gin, solely because it tasted like an old man’s drink, I am little stunned that I am writing my second post about how to make a proper gin and tonic. And of course, if you want to have a properly made cocktail the Ritz-Carlton Bar in Macau is the place to do it.

The Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau Menu

Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau We strode into the Ritz-Carlton Bar on the 51st floor, just after sundown. The place was busy, with a nice vibe. It was unusual because we felt a lot of the time we spent in the Galaxy Macau was pretty chill and quiet. But it seemed all of the hotel action was concentrated in that one bar. The bar itself is stunning, which is what you would expect from a one of the premier places to drink, and eat in Macau. The curving, marble topped bar, and enormous circular window were the perfect place to enjoy an end of day cocktail. What we weren’t expecting was a signature gin and tonic menu unlike anything we’ve seen recently. I didn’t even know where to start. Although the Ritz-Carlton Bar offers an apertivo menu, essentially a happy hour offering a selection of Tanqueray 10 cocktails, we wanted the full on gin and tonic experience. I started salivating at all of the gins that we’ve never heard of before, like Aviator Gin (of course, Eric the #AvGeek went straight for it) and Death’s Door Gin. Once we selected a gin, we were able to select a tonic mixer and the perfect aromatics. But, we let the expert choose for us.

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The Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau Cart

Ritz-Carlton Bar MacauWe actually consulted with the Ritz-Carlton Bar manger, Teresa, about what we were in the mood for, and what gin we wanted to try. We let her choose the right mixers. After our gin and tonic consultation, Teresa walked away, leaving us waiting for our proper gin and tonic. As Eric and I chatted, and more likely Tweeted, I suddenly heard a bit of rattling behind us. As I turned around, Teresa rolled up behind us with their gin and tonic trolley. It was kitted out, with each of their gins, bottles of various flavors of tonic, and plenty of aromatics. Aromatics included the typical Jamaican black pepper and mixed berries, along with more exotic flavorings like lemongrass and rose petals. Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau Teresa started the process by preparing the aromatics. She sliced up long cucumber slices, which fit perfectly around the outside of the rounded glass. She smashed cardamom and black pepper. Ground lemongrass. It was like cocktail artwork. Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau She carefully measured our selected gins to add to the chilled glass and aromatics. Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau Then, my favorite part. Teresa, allowed the chosen tonic to pour down the twisted cocktail spoon to properly aerate the tonic. Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau With a quick turn of the spoon to mix the flavors, we were presented with proper gin and tonics, properly prepared, in the proper glass. I’ve been a convert to gin and tonics since our trip to Costa Brava. Of course, they have to be proper gin and tonics. None of this short stubby glasses or cheap Seagram’s tonic with a lime wedge. It’s amazing the difference between what I traditionally thought was a gin and tonic and the classic cocktail that I’ve started to fall in love with. Ritz-Carlton Bar Macau We enjoyed our first gin and tonic at the Ritz-Carlton Bar so much that we returned after our dinner at the Ritz Cafe downstairs to enjoy another. It was under the guise of wanting to shoot some video in the somewhat better lit lounge area. But, who are we kidding, I wanted another gin and tonic. And, when we finished that round, we ordered another, giving me a chance to try my first sloe gin and tonic. Then, we called it a night. Three massive and well made gin and tonics each were all I could handle. I slept well, dreaming of gin and tonic trolleys and bubbling tonic. For a better look at our gin and tonic at the Ritz-Carlton Bar, check out our YouTube video:


Macau gin and tonic

Let us know in the comments where you go for a properly made gin and tonic.

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