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Mallorca (or Majorca) has become one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful Balearic Island in Spain offers endless things to do and see, including breath-taking nature, fascinating history & culture, unrivaled nightlife, sporting activities, wonderful beaches, as well as some of the best restaurants in the region. All these have made Mallorca a luxury paradise.

Here’s why you should definitely spend your holiday in Mallorca, a beautiful Spanish island.

Mallorca is a Picturesque Destination

MallorcaThis island is really to die for. It has over 200 beaches with breath-taking views of the deep blue sea. If you are interested in culture, it has a wide array of options, including historical buildings and landmarks. The island also offers beautiful scenery for nature lovers. For starters, a drive around the coastline offers views of the mountains and the most beautiful villages. Here are some of the other most scenic drives in Majorca. You also get to see some of the most unique wildlife around like wall lizards. But, if reptiles aren’t your thing, then take a trip to the nature reserve to explore more wildlife.

Mallorca Has Amazing Villas

When it comes to holiday accommodation, Mallorca has something for everyone. It’s filled with amazing villas to rent, which are like a second home but with extra luxury perks. Most villas come with spacious gardens, beautiful dining and living areas, private pools, and much more. You can choose to cook your own food or have the services of a private chef. There are several unique villas in the area, just as there are unique travelers. As there are a lot of flexible options, you’ll surely find one that suits your needs.

Mallorca Has Wonderful Cuisine

With Husband In Tow Food and Travel BlogMallorca has a celebrated culinary experience with most dishes consisting of seafood and traditional Spanish cuisine. The seafood is, however, cooked in the traditional flavors of the region. The Island also has the tastiest traditional Mallorcan dishes you’ll ever try. Local dishes include tumbet, Frito mallorquín, coca de trampò, porcella, and Ensaïmada. There are over 2000 different restaurants to eat your heart out while in Mallorca. The restaurants have an awe-inspiring ambiance, great service, beautiful views, and without a doubt, great Spanish food.

A Holiday in Mallorca Means Great Weather

The island is stunning all year round with the vast majority of times experiencing great weather. Mallorca’s average temperature is around 10°C over the winter, and it doesn’t take too long to get back to its 20s for the majority of the year. While you can visit the island at any time, summer is definitely the best time to holiday in Mallorca.

There’s Plenty of Golf in Mallorca

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There are loads to do during a holiday in Mallorca. Other than the typical water sports like snorkeling, canyoning, and scuba diving, the island’s fantastic temperatures allows you to engage in plenty of other sports like golf. With the island hosting some truly standout greens, golfers have several choices when it comes to golfing holidays in Mallorca. Mallorca has some of the top golf resorts in Spain.

The Son Antem Golf Course is the largest in the region and features speed-focused greens, 36 holes of vast open fairways, 3 putting greens, a golf academy with qualified PGA professionals, and practice bunkers. In addition, the presence of beautiful olive trees and the spectacular views of the Randa mountain make the entire setting better. There’s also the T-Golf & Country Club, which is a popular choice for locals and visitors alike. It’s surrounded by towering pines that offer a rugged natural beauty.

Don’t just take our word for it, plan your next holiday in Mallorca as some things are better seen and felt than heard.

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