The Most Fun Hotel In Seminyak – Courtyard Seminyak

The Courtyard Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, holds a special place in our hearts. It is why I was happy to return for our fourth stay there. When we were living in Bali, the Courtyard became our go-to hotel when we wanted a fun beach break. During our most recent stay, I firmly came to the conclusion that it is the most fun hotel in Seminyak!

Most Fun Hotel in Seminyak

We recounted our first experience staying at the Courtyard Seminyak over 2 years ago. While living in Bali, we visited a friend who was staying in Seminyak. We cashed in a free night certificate from our Marriott Rewards credit card. Having experienced Courtyard Hotels in the US, we were shocked to find what we did in Bali. At the time we said “It’s Not Your Grandma’s Courtyard.”

When we last stayed the hotel was pretty new, but in the last two years, they’ve come into their own. I was happy to return to our home away from home in Bali, and see what they’ve done. What we found was the most fun hotel in Seminyak, and some great food options! It was nothing but a surprise.

Introducing What The Truck

What The Truck Courtyard Seminyak

What The Truck opened in 2016, long after our departure from Bali. But, we had been following along on their Instagram account, and were curious to test it out.

When living in Bali, one of our favorite places to eat was at our local padang, which served up a mix of meat and vegetables, over rice, slathered in curry sauce. We ate there at least once a week. One of our treats was enjoying their beef rendang, and then asking for some extra rendang sauce added to our curry mix. It is just one of those dishes that I have fond memories of as a result of our time in Bali.

Incorporating the local Balinese cuisine, into a contemporary food truck format, What The Truck offers beef rendang tacos, right along side babi guling tacos, another local speciality. Each taco is prepared expertly, but simply, by just adding cheese, lettuce, and hot sauce, to the local meats.

But, what’s even more amazing is the story behind What The Truck. The Courtyard Seminyak worked together with the Institute Seni Indonesia in nearby Denpasar. They offered a prize of 40 million IDR (or about $3,000) to a student who came up with the most creative design for the food truck. It was great to see the collaboration between the hotel and the local community. And, the tacos weren’t bad either.

What The Truck Seminyak

Because the taco truck is located just outside the entrance to the hotel, it’s not merely a place for hotel guests to eat. The two times we ate there, they were getting a good amount of foot traffic too. It is right on the way home from the beach, just a few blocks away.

The Most Fun Pool in Seminyak

Most Fun Hotel in SeminyakThe first time we stayed at the Courtyard Seminyak, we had a room on the first level with a sliding glass door that allowed us to walk right out into the most fun pool in Seminyak. During that stay, just before Christmas, the pool bar staff all wore Santa Hats, and were quick to bring free snacks and treats.

Most Fun Hotel in Seminyak

Most Fun Hotel in SeminyakThis time, although we had a room on a higher floor, we still had some time to enjoy the pool. And, this time, we indulged a bit more in the cocktails at the swim up bar. We met Penny, one of their star bartenders, who mixed us up some fun frozen cocktails, with a little bit of flare too. We had a few business meetings while in Bali (it’s not always just fun and games). At the end of a long day, it was great to throw on the suits, bounce down to the pool bar, and let Penny do her thing.

With fun music, and seats at the swim-up pool bar always filled with interesting travelers, it was the perfect way to end the day.

Check out our video of Penny the Mixologist at The Pool Bar Seminyak:

A Damn Fine Steak in Seminyak

The Seminyak Meat ShopThis may sound like an obvious statement when I say “We ate one damn fine steak” while at a hotel restaurant. One might expect a nicer hotel in a destination like Bali to have good food. But, in Bali, it’s not that easy. We learned this the hard way when we lived in Ubud.

Because Indonesia is a Muslim country, the meat is generally prepared Halal. I respect the religion, but for beef lovers, this can be a problem. It is one of the reasons why we never found a great burger in Bali. When the beef is prepared Halal, the butcher drains all of the blood. And, as a result, the flavor.

But, while dining at The Seminyak Meat Shop at the Courtyard, we ate one damn fine steak. And, that is because they are ordering their Stockyard Angus beef specially. The steaks were perfectly prepared, served with roasted garlic. And, they paid so much attention to detail they are even importing their steak knives from Brazil.

Courtyard Seminyak Bali – The Details

The Most Fun Hotel in SeminyakOverall, we only had 3 nights for this stay at the Courtyard Seminyak. But we packed a lot into those 3 nights. I am happy to see how the hotel and the staff are coming into their own, certainly making it the most fun hotel in Seminyak!

The hotel is located in Seminyak, Bali, the dining and shopping hub of the Bali beaches. The hotel is only a few blocks from the beach too. Rooms start around $95 a night, making it a steal. Steaks at The Seminyak Meat Shop range from $25-30. It is still one of my favorite places to stay in Bali.

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The Most Fun Hotel in Seminyak Bali

We were hosted by the Courtyard Marriott Seminyak during our stay in Bali, but being our fourth time there, you can tell we really do love it! 

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