Ireland Food Travel

Ireland Food Travel

We’ve spent years traveling in Ireland. It was the first destination we traveled to as a couple, way back in 1999. Most of our visits involve trips to stay with family in Limerick. When the weather is nice, we try to spend time down the coast, in a small town called Kilkee.

Most of our meals are family meals, all cooked up by Eric’s aunt. But, we’ve started to explore Ireland food travel outside the family kitchen. We found interesting happenings, mostly involved farm to table dining. We also explored Northern Ireland’s food scene in our first trip up north. The main focus of our trip was to understand better the political history of Northern Ireland, but we also managed to find some great food as well.

Food And Travel In IReland

Irish Cuisine And Its Reputation

Traditionally, travelers didn’t make their way to Ireland because it is known for great food. Much like traditional British cuisine, it just doesn’t have the same sort of reputation for great food as Italy or Spain. In recent years, though, typical Irish food has experienced a bit of a renaissance, predominantly because of a renewed interest in fresh, local ingredients. With verdant green hills and pastures, there’s a huge opportunity for locally grown produce as well as some of the best beef, pork, and lamb in the world. There’s also some amazing seafood to be eaten, and not just fish and chips. Irish dishes include more than just meat, potatoes, and cabbage.

Food And Travel In Northern Ireland

Food And Travel In Northern Ireland

During our first trip to Northern Ireland, we were pleasantly surprised in what we found in the Northern Ireland food travel scene. Although we focused on international dishes when in Belfast, in Derry we explored traditional foods, and the farm to table trends that have existed there for years.

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A Traditional Walled Vegetable Garden in Northern Ireland

Dining at the Beech Hill Hotel in Derry