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What Is A Food Travel Blog - How To Travel For Food

What Is A Food Travel Blog – How To Travel For Food

What is a Food Travel Blog?

There are travel blogs. There are food blogs. Travel blogs provide stories and tips on how to travel. Food blogs tend to focus on the food in a few destinations, maybe a particular city. Often times the best food blogs focus on recipes or restaurant reviews.

With Husband In Tow is a food travel blogCulinary travel is a different way to travel. It’s exploring a culture through its food. It’s a way to travel for food. It’s searching for the perfect food tour, the best local restaurants, and exploring local markets. It’s planning your journey as a food trip. To help travelers get the most of their next journey, we created a series of Food Travel Guides. So, what does that mean? 

We travel on our stomachs, and as a result, have eaten a lot of food all around the world. We aim to find the best we can in a foodie destination. We try to learn from the food we eat and the people we meet. We’ve gathered all of that information into hundreds of food travel blog posts, which we’ve turned into the Food Travel Guides I’ve included below. 

Food Travel Guides

What Are Food Travel Guides?

We often receive questions from our readers and followers about food and travel. They want to know where to eat and what to eat when they are planning their food holidays. Although there is a nifty little search function on the top of each page on this blog, I wanted to centralize this information and make it easier for people to find our tips on culinary travel.

Our Food Travel Guides provide the stories behind the food: the chefs, the winemakers, and even the ingredients. They are meant to inspire people to get out there and travel, and to explore a destination in a unique way. But, these food tourism guides also provide specific recommendations, such as which foods to track down when exploring a new foodie destination, which food markets to explore, and where to go eat all of this amazing food.

As we continue to explore and continue to refine our culinary travel niche, I hope this selection of food and travel blogs continues to grow . . . I am just hoping my waistline does not grow along with it. Because that is one of the occupational hazards of being a food travel blogger.

Europe Food And Travel Guides

Our first trip overseas together was to Europe, which means I’ve been traveling to Europe “With Husband In Tow” for almost 20 years. Of course, we only started sharing tips from our culinary vacations over the last few years. Now, we are sharing our European travel tips from “home” – ever since we moved to Girona, Spain!

We’ve spent a lot of time eating in Europe the last few years, all in great sacrifice to bring you the best foods to eat. From the best food market in Barcelona to the best pasta in Italy to the best Paris food tour. From how to find the best seafood in Lisbon to how to cruise the Rhone River in search of great French food and wine. All this and more in our European Food And Travel Guides. We offer separate guides for SpainPortugalIreland, and Italy. But, we also have some great tips for EnglandFranceGreece, the Czech Republic, and Eastern Europe. We hope to help you plan your Europe itinerary.

Asia Food Travel Blog Posts

Asia Food Travel Blog Posts

We lived in Southeast Asia for about 4 years, so we’ve spent a good amount of time on some fabulous culinary tours of Asia. I love spice and curry. I love unique ingredients and unusual fruits. Taking food tours and cooking classes. It’s all part of the food adventure.

From hanging at a Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei, to walking through the best foods to eat in Osaka. From how to eat dim sum to the best Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong. And, how to search down spicy Szechuan food in Chengdu.

Check out our Asia Food Travel Guide, covering ChinaJapanSouth KoreaHong KongIndiathe Maldives, and more.

Southeast Asia Food Travel Blogs

Southeast Asia Food Travel Blogs

We spent about 4 years making Southeast Asia our home base while traveling. We lived in Bali and even created a home base in Bangkok for a while. It all seemed very exotic, until it became our home, at least for a bit. From the food markets of Vietnam to spicy Bangkok food tours. From cooking classes in Malaysia to the best babi guling in Bali. From Hanoi street food to dining at one of the best restaurants in Asia. You don’t even need a sophisticated palate to enjoy the best Southeast Asian street food.

Our Southeast Asia Food Travel Guide walks through all of our most interesting stories eating fabulous food across Southeast Asia. And, offers some great food tourism tips on food tours and cooking classes, in IndonesiaMalaysiaSingaporeThailand, and Vietnam.

US Travel and Food Blogs

Food & Travel in the US

We’ve been traveling the world looking for great food since 2012. But, we’ve also spent a bit of time exploring our own country, focusing on comfort food and craft beer. Here are some of our top American culinary travel posts:

Searching for the Best Gulf Coast Eats in Mississippi and Louisiana

Learning all about Boudin – what is boudin and where can you find it

Where to Eat in Athens Georgia – exploring a college town through food and craft beer

Where to find the Best Food in Charleston – From oysters to she crab soup

Going behind the scenes on the Tabasco Factory Tour

Food And Drink Travel Videos

Our Food Travel Video Channel

I am no film school graduate, that’s for sure. But, over the last few years, I’ve really enjoyed creating our food adventure videos. Whether it’s a video about winemakers, or how they make mortadella, or a food tour, it’s a lot of fun to capture peoples’ stories in this way.

I love writing about food, and I love taking tasty food photos, but videos are different. First, it kind of makes us feel more like culinary travel experts! But, it also just makes our foodie vacations and trips come alive.

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Our Food And Travel Podcast

Food And Travel Podcast

The With Husband In Tow Food And Travel Podcast

Our Culinary Travel Podcast

We launched a food podcast to share more of our Adventures in Food, Wine & Luxury Travel. We think this is the perfect way for readers to get to know us better, as we talk in our own voice. We are also interviewing people who we meet along our travels, including fellow food travel bloggers, chefs, and winemakers. We hope you enjoy our culinary travel podcast!

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How to Travel for Food

Have we inspired you to travel for food? I hope so because all the best travel blogs have one goal in mind, get people traveling! In our case, that means hoping that our readers and followers choose a destination based on the food and drink that looks good to them. In our food and travel blog, we have hundreds of blog posts to help travelers plan their next trip. But, there is more. 

In addition to our social media channels, we are also active on Pinterest. We recommend Pinterest to help people plan their next food trip. We have various Pinterest boards around all sorts of tasty topics. On each of these boards, we share tips from some of the best food blogs and other travelers. Definitely check us out on Pinterest. Even better, share the image to the left to one of your Pinterest boards to help you plan your next food-focused holiday. 

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Food and Travel Blog - How to Travel For Food

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