Bali’s Keramas Beach – How to Visit the Closest Beach to Ubud

Many people assume that a Bali holiday means Bali beaches, and it can. People travel to Ubud, though, for different reasons. That mostly includes culture, yoga, healing, and all similar things. As much as there is no “Ubud beach” there are some beaches near Ubud. It’s possible to have a Bali beach holiday even if staying in Ubud. During our time spent living in Bali, Indonesia, we visited all of the main Bali beach areas, either as a day trip from Ubud, or an overnight stay.

When we lived in Ubud, people occasionally asked us for recommendations for hotels on the Ubud beaches. To make it clear from the start, there is no beach in Ubud. Ubud is closer to the center of the island. Ubud is definitely worth a visit and is even a great place to base yourself. There are lovely pools with amazing jungle views. But, there are no beaches in Ubud.

In this post, we will provide information about Keramas, the closest beach to Ubud, as well as some information on how to get from Ubud to the beach.

Keramas Beach – The Nearest Beach to Ubud

Keramas Beach Bali - day trip from Ubud beach

When we lived in Ubud, we realized we needed to escape Ubud on a regular basis. Ubud is a little bit of a bubble. We seemed to find a little oasis in Keramas Beach. It was a place that other friends and expats living in Ubud didn’t want me to write about. They wanted Keramas to remain our little secret beach near Ubud Bali. The best part? Keramas to Ubud is only about 30 minutes on a motorbike. Yes, Keramas is the closest beach near Ubud.

There are a few reasons why Keramas is the best beach near Ubud and is a great option for an Ubud day tour. Yes, Keramas is a beach close to Ubud. But, it’s also pretty as well. And, it remains relatively unspoiled, particularly in comparison to many other Bali beach areas.

Keramas beach is lovely to look it. It’s a pretty black sand beach, and known for surfing, like much of Bali. The water can be a little too rough for swimming. We frequented Komune Beach Club, at one point visiting almost once a week. A refreshing pool surrounded by comfy beach beds and umbrellas, with a view of the beach and the surfers.  Grab a beach bed, order a juice or a beer, and enjoy. A decent club sandwich, a tasty beetroot, carrot and ginger juice, and you have a day at the beach, only 30 minutes from Ubud. It’s also possible to rent room at Komune Hotel for about $100 a night.

A note about visiting Keramas from Ubud. The drive from Ubud to Keramas is not a direct shoot. You need to make multiple turns and drive through several villages. There is also a stretch where it is necessary to drive a few kilometers on a busy highway. I note this because if you are driving a motorbike and are uncomfortable driving it, then the highway can be a little intimidating. I would just keep to the side and let people pass me.

Recommended Ubud Hotels

It’s hard for me to recommend the best places to stay in Ubud because we lived there and only did a few hotel stays (many of which I would not recommend). But, there are some newer hotels just on the outskirts of town that are nice. We’ve visited each of these Ubud accommodation options.

The Viceroy Bali – One of the most luxurious private hotels in Ubud: Read our review | Book now from $450

Alaya Resort Ubud: Centrally located hotel with private pool: Book now from $150

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa: Lovely infinity pool overlooking the jungle: Book now from $180

Stahla, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel: Just outside of town, a relatively new Marriott property: Book now from $90

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FAQs – Bali Keramas Beach – The Nearest Beach to Ubud Bali

Keramas Beach Bali - day trip from Ubud beach

  • How can travelers get from Keramas to Ubud? Google Maps provides pretty good directions on how to get to Keramas from Ubud. It’s not quite a direct shot, but easy enough to follow. Ubud to Keramas is only about 13 kilometers and about 30 minutes on a motorbike. It might take a little longer to get from Ubud to Keramas in a car if they get stuck in traffic. It’s probably best to hire a driver for the day and have them wait for you. For a group of friends or even a couple, this is definitely doable.
  • Are there other Keramas Bali things to do? Yes, in addition to surfing at Komune Beach Club there is Wake Beach Club, which is a little more lively. There is even a Bali winery to visit just a few minutes from the beach. Or, take a private tour of the Wirte Pande temple. Get a list of more things to do in Keramas here or get other ideas for your Bali itinerary.

Get more Bali travel tips in our post about Whether to Travel to Bali

How Far is Ubud From the Beach?

Courtyard Bali Nusa DuaIf you are looking for other beaches near Ubud, Bali, they exist. But, they require a bit farther of a trip. You can visit Canggu, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, and Kuta in a day trip. You can also visit the Bukit, but it is a bit farther.

Ubud to beach distances can range from 45 minutes to 3 hours or more. The total distance in kilometers might not seem too far. Actually driving times can be longer, though, due to traffic concerns. Driving a motorbike is a little easier because a motorbike can avoid some of the traffic that a car might get stuck in.

It’s definitely possible to arrange a beach day trip from Ubud. If you are comfortable on a motorbike, it’s easier to make this a Ubud day tour, particularly to Keramas. We used to also drive our motorbikes to Sanur, Seminyak, and Canggu. Getting down to the Bukit, where Uluwatu and Nusa Dua are located is a bit farther. Here are some sample distances from Ubud to beach destinations:

Ubud to Bali Beaches – Estimated Distances

  • Ubud to Keramas Beach: About 13 kilometers, drivable in about 30 minutes
  • Ubud to Canggu Beach: About 30 kilometers, drivable in about an hour*
  • Ubud to Legian Beach: About 35 kilometers, drivable in about an hour*
  • Ubud to Seminyak Beach: About 30 kilometers, drivable in about an hour*
  • Ubud to Sanur Beach: About 30 kilometers, drivable in about 45 minutes
  • Ubud to Kuta Beach: About 35 kilometers, driveable in about an hour*
  • Ubud to Jimbaran Beach: About 45 kilometers, driveable in about 90 minutes
  • Ubud to Uluwatu: About 45 kilometers, driveable in about 90 minutes

I generally found that on a motorbike, it took about an hour. As I’ve mentioned above, in a car it can take longer. This can be particularly true during the high season and on Bali Hindu holidays and special events. Sometimes roads are just shut down. I say it is easier with a motorbike because you can get away certain maneuvers that car drivers cannot (please be careful!). Traffic can also backup, a lot, around Kuta and getting around Denpensar. These estimates come from Google Maps, but in my experience, it’s probably best to estimate an additional 30 minutes onto each of these times.

The Stones Hotel Legian The Most Fun Hotel in Legian

Recommended Places to Stay in Bali

Here are recommendations for some of the best places to stay in Bali, at some of the best beaches in Bali.

Nusa Dua Beach – Nusa Dua is the best area to stay in Bali for nice beaches. It’s great for families and for couples. It’s a little distant from the “real” Bali, as it is in a large gated resort community.

Westin Resort Nusa Dua: Directly on the beach, with a beachfront pool and nice rooms with super-big beds. | Book now from $130

Courtyard Seminyak Nusa Dua: Family-friendly hotel in Nusa Dua with a beach resort, but not located on the beach. Read our review | Book now from $115

Uluwatu – Uluwatu temple is on a cliff overlooking the water on the west side of the Bukit. There are several resorts that are not on the beach, but in the hills that are lovely retreats.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu: One of the newest Bali resorts, having opened in 2018. | Book now from $115

Anantara Uluwatu Bali: On a cliff top but closer to the water than Ren Bali, from a reputable Thai hotel company | Book now from $300

Seminyak Beach and Legian Beach – Seminyak and Legian can get quite busy but are better than Kuta. Here it’s important to choose a hotel with a nice pool area to get away from the beach crowds. Seminyak also has some of the best dining options in the area.

The Stones Hotel Legian: Very fun hotel just across from the beach: Read our review | Book now from $115

Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak: Also a fun option, with a great pool, just a few minutes walk to the beach: Read our review | Book now from $100

W Hotel Bali: A little more pricey, and more hip, but right on the beach, and with the best Sunday brunch in Bali: Read our Sunday brunch review | Book now from $320

The Seminyak Beach Resort: Less expensive than the W Hotel, but also right on the beach | Book now from $225

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    There is a reason expats didn’t want you to write about this ‘oasis’. Some things are best left unspread around the internet please consider this next time!

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      There is a converse to that. When new places open up, and we don’t spread the word, not enough people go there, and the place closes down. This has already happened to a few of my favorite places in Ubud! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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