Churros in Barcelona

Churros in Barcelona

It takes a lot to figure out the right time to eat the right food in Spain.  Learning when to eat in Spain is almost like a science.  Good thing I can eat churros in Barcelona at any time.  There are so many great foods to eat in Spain, but this is one of my favorites!

The internet at our apartment rental in Barcelona, Spain, was not great.  As a result, on a weekend morning, we exiled ourselves from the apartment, in search of a decent cafe with good wifi.  I did my research ahead of time, and found a place in the nearby neighborhood of El Born.  According to the cafe’s website, it opened at 10 am.  It was just about 10, so we packed up the computers and made our way over for a productive Sunday morning.  At least until we arrived.

They were not even close to being open.  Doors just opened, staff setting up the chairs.  They estimated at least 45 minutes.  We wandered El Born looking for an alternative, but it was as if the entire neighborhood was hungover from the night before.   No other cafes with wifi were open, Santa Catarina market was closed.  We wandered almost all the way to Las Ramblas, just trying to kill time, waiting for the cafe to open.

Then, we found the most perfect little place for churros in Barcelona, tucked into a corner of El Born.


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Churros in BarcelonaChurrería Layetana in El Born seemed just barely open.  A tiny little joint with a counter and about 4 chairs, we walked in kind of slow, expecting them to inform us they were closed.  Thanks goodness they weren’t.

The chocolate was served in a simple, white cup, and was deep, rich, and not too sweet.

The churros were freshly made.  We actually had to wait while the husband of the owner made a fresh batch.  We watched anxiously as he layered the batter slowly into the deep fryer.  What resulted were crispy and warm churros, sprinkled in sweet sugar, which were the perfect partner for the rich and creamy chocolate.

Churrería Layetana was the perfect little place for some churros in Barcelona, and a perfect little place to kill some time before the rest of El Born came to life once again.

Churrería Layetana is located on Via Laietana 46, in El Born.  Open before most places on the weekend.

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