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Transportation Travel Tips From Expert Traveler – Planes, Trains, & Cars

One of the hardest thing about researching travel is how to get there, and how to get around when you arrive. Our travel blog focuses mostly on food, but we know there is a lot more to travel than what to eat when you get there – although that’s important.

This portion of our travel blog focuses on air travel, including expert airline reviews, particularly of first class and business class experiences, on airlines like Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad.

We also talk about train travel advice, including advice on how to train around Europe, which is not as romantic as many people might think. And, we talk about what it’s like to take chicken busses around Central America – something I will never do again!

And, we talk about how to rent a car while traveling, including one of the best places to rent a car while traveling – Italy.