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Europe Food Travel Guide, with tips and advice on what and where to eat in Europe.

Why We Spent Two Weeks Touring Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna Italy

We are not newbies to Italy travel.  In fact, before this trip, we had been to over 15 cities and towns in Italy, from Rome to Milan to Venice, and loads of small towns in between.  It is a place that has captured our hearts and our imaginations for years. But, we had never spent […]

Devouring Catalan Cuisine on a Barcelona Food Tour

Barcelona Food Tour

How is it possible to eat almost every Catalan speciality within the span of just a few hours?  With the Devour Barcelona food tour anything is possible. During a little more than 4 hours, our guide, Renee, showed us the town, literally, by walking us around the neighborhood of Gracia, taking us to the local […]

Tapas in Madrid – a Food Photo Essay

Recently, I started adding some photo essays to this website, to tell our travel story through photos.  Most of our experiences focus on food, but we have seen some lovely cities as well.  The photo essays can show you the buildings, the architecture, the street scenes. But, in Madrid, Spain, it was cold and rainy […]

Lisbon – the City of Seven Hills

City of Seven Hills

Lisbon, Portugal, is the city of the seven hills, and my legs certainly felt it.  There was no way to go from one place to another without heading up a hill.  The entire trip was one giant aerobic exercise, with periodic stops for fantastic food and drink.  It didn’t help that even when we stopped […]

Standing While Eating in Lisbon

eating in Lisbon

Although we had some phenomenal sit-down meals, at Cervejaria Ramiro and Cervajeria Baleal, most of our eating in Lisbon, Portugal, experiences involved wandering around the seven hills (or at least a few of them) and eating standing up.  We ate several of our bifanas at O Trevo while standing.  We ate a lot on our […]

Anthony Bourdain in Croatia – It is Beautiful, But He Had Help

Bourdain in Croatia

I have wanted to visit Croatia for years, even before Anthony went there during the last season of No Reservations.  We bought a travel guide for Croatia back in 2006 and have held onto it since, through many trips elsewhere and numerous rounds of downsizing.  We kept trying to make our way here, but it […]