Anomali Coffee Bali – Review of Anomali Cafe Ubud

It took some time to find Anomali Coffee, my perfect Ubud, Indonesia, cafe. We lived in Bali for about a year and a half, most of the time spent building a new business. We loved the two villas we lived in but often wanted to escape for a productive morning outside of the house. One where we could also enjoy the best coffee in Ubud. And, after drinking coffee at cafes around Ubud, we found Anomali Coffee Bali to be our favorite! The amount of time we spent at Anamoli Cafe Ubud became, well, a little obscene.

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Anomali Ubud – The Details

  • Anomali Cafe is located on Jalan Raya Ubud, just off the corner of Jalan Hanoman
  • Cafe Anomali is open most days from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • There is additional seating upstairs
  • There is motorbike parking just outside
  • The Anomali Coffee Ubud menu includes not just beverages, but pastries, desserts, and a decent food menu too. Check out the breakfast Anomali menu. The Anomali coffee menu is extensive as well.
  • It’s possible to purchase freshly ground beans at “cafe Anomali” – try the Black Pearl!
  • Anomali Coffee Seminyak includes the coffee roaster for the Bali locations


Anomali Coffee Ubud

Why Anomali Cafe Ubud?

During our first few weeks living in Bali, I made my way to KAFE a few times, mostly because it seemed to be expected of all newbies and yogis in Ubud. KAFE is owned by the same company that owns the Yoga Barn. They specialize in vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods, and are known for their selection of smoothies and juices, with things like spirulina and maca. It is the go-to meeting place for the New Age hippies in town. I, however, always felt uncomfortable there, as I realized I am not as much of a hippie as I thought I was.  

I tried bringing Eric there once, and he seemed more out of place than I was, but I expected that. He was just looking for someplace to go a few times a week to get out of the Bali villa, to break up the day. It was clear that KAFE was just not that place for him, or me. I similarly tried to bring Eric to Bali Buddha, another cafe with healthy fare. Our first trip there we ordered something to drink before finding out they had no wifi. Epic fail for a digital nomad. We continued to search.

Anomali Coffee Bali

Then, my new friend, Julie, who I met at Hubud, introduced me to Anomali Coffee Bali. I introduced Eric a week or so later and we quickly became hooked, not just to the coffee, but to the atmosphere and the staff.

Anomali Coffee is a small Indonesian chain, headquartered at Anomali Jakarta, so not quite a Starbucks, with only about a half dozen stores. They specialize in Indonesian single source coffee beans, which you can have made in several types of brewing processes, including drip, french press, and other contraptions I just don’t know anything about. It all seems very sophisticated for me. Anomali Cafe Bali has a few locations, including Ubud and Seminyak.

Nevertheless, I became addicted to the iced cafe lattes, served in a large glass, with some simple syrup on the side.  At first, I was not sure if it was just because we had not been drinking coffee, and the focus had been more on tea since arriving in Asia, but I loved this coffee. We often are left wondering whether something we try is new, or just different. With Anamoli Bali, if I had my choice I would knock back several a day. Sometimes I did.

Anomali Coffee Ubud

The employees at the Anomali Ubud Bali location are super friendly, the music chill, and at the perfect volume. We became repeat customers, generally with me grabbing my usual seat at a high top glass table, with the MacBook perched in front of me. I kept things interesting, by rotating between the iced and the hot latte. I even tried a few of their tasty breakfast items, including the ricotta pancakes. We certainly made the most of the frequent purchase card, getting free coffee about once a week.

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Being Regulars at Anomali Coffee Ubud

When we returned to Anomali after our six weeks in Thailand and Vietnam, one of the employees greeted me with a cheerful “Hello Amber!  Where’s Eric?” We became such regulars that we were asked to taste test some of the coffee drinks, to see which beans we preferred in the lattes. I got annoyed when “our” seats are taken. We perch near them, like vultures, waiting for the tourists to vacate.

Anomali Coffee Ubud

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This is what I love about settling down overseas. Often, we become temporary locals, making friends with owners or servers at various establishments along the way. Perhaps it says nothing really interesting about me that I never had my go to cafe back in the US. Perhaps that is due to the existence of a Starbucks on every corner. Or, more likely, I was too laden down with my billable hours to savor the benefits of a cafe. But, for some reason, I feel it says something that I had “my cafe” here, at home, in Ubud, Bali. I would recommend any coffee lover to check out the different coffees and foods on the Anomali Cafe menu. 

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6 thoughts on “Anomali Coffee Bali – Review of Anomali Cafe Ubud

  1. Thales says:

    Hey! This post reminded me how I miss the Rom! Indeed, it was a good place to make a stop and get some new energy to finish the day at the office! Now, unfortunately, I don't have a favorite Cafe down here, but after your post I'm willing to take a plane and try some of your "Cafe's tips".
    All the best,

  2. Bayu Amus says:

    Nicely written. I myself haven't found a cafe to frequent, but it's mostly due because I'm not a 'serious' coffee drinker. I've been to Anomali Coffee branch in Seminyak though not the one in Ubud, is it near Hubud?

  3. Amber Hoffman says:

    Bayu, it is on the main road, Jalan Raya Ubud, just at the intersection of Jalan Hannoman, so not too close to Hubud, a bit of a walk. They also have great pastries and teas too.

  4. Amber Hoffman says:

    Thales, Glad I could help with the memories of Rom. And, if you would like to join us at Anomali, come visit us in Asia! Would be glad to have you here.

  5. Marina from says:

    Hahaha! That photo with your eyes rolling is classic. Now we KNOW it tastes good 🙂 kudos on the free coffee!

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