3D Art Museum in Langkawi – Seeing Things in a Different Way

3D Art Museum LangkawiIt’s no secret that we travel on our stomachs.  It’s also no secret that we tend to avoid museums like the plague, well, unless it’s a wine museum.  Why spend time at a museum, when I could spend that time eating?  When we were handed an itinerary for our stay in Langkawi, Malaysia, one of the things that jumped out was a visit to a 3D Art Museum.  It was not one of the things I was particularly looking forward to, but figured I would go along with the itinerary nonetheless.  How bad could it be?

Or, how amazing could it be? Found it it’s one of the top things to do in Langkawi and definitely one of the coolest! 

Getting a Tour of a 3D Art Museum

When we first entered Art in Paradise, the 3D Art Museum in Langkawi, we were greeted by a guide, and the general manager, who escorted us inside.  We first removed our shoes, and entered a small room with a few optical illusion style paintings.  At the end of the hallway was a giant red apple.

I stared at the apple a bit, and noticed that it kind of seemed like it was coming out of the wall, but it in no way looked like 3D art to me.  There were some folks taking photos in front of the apple, but we kind of walked on by. 

To me, at first glance, it was similar to those 3D artworks that were sold at the malls in the 1980s, where you were expected to blur your eyes in order to see unicorns prancing in your direction.  I never liked those things. I’m not a fan of trick art. 

When we entered the next room, filled with nature scenes, I could kind of see some of the trick art optics, but still just wasn’t “getting it.”  I didn’t want to admit to the manager that I thought the artwork needed a lot more help in order to be considered 3D art.  Then, he let me in on the secret to a 3d museum: use your camera.

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The Secrets to a 3D Art Museum

Unlike most museums, where they encourage you to learn about art, appreciate art, sit and admire art, here, they encourage you to take photos of the art.  It is not until you view the trick art through a lens that it really comes to life. That’s the real key to a trick eye museum

From that moment on, we were told how to experience the 3D art museum, including where to stand and how to pose.  Eric began to act like a 14 year old boy, moving quickly from one 3D scene to the next, giggling like a child, and laughing along the way.  Eric sat on a beach chair in the arctic, and tugged the tail of a rhino wearing panties. 

3D Art Museum Langkawi

3D Art Museum Langkawi

We crossed a dangerous a rickety bridge, me in the front and Eric, of course, in tow.

3D Art Museum Langkawi

I narrowly escaped a hippo attack. 

3D Art Museum LangkawiAnd, Eric imprisoned me in a bubble for a bit.

3D Art Museum LangkawiIt was all quite fun.  Surprisingly fun. Good, clean fun.

Apparently there is a trend, where cities all over the world are creating their own 3D art museums, but this was a trend I knew nothing about.  I am really glad we had the opportunity to visit Art in Paradise, Langkawi’s own 3D art museum.

Tickets for Art in Paradise, 3D Art museum cost about $10 USD for adults and can be purchased at the museum.  The trick art museum is open every day from 9-6.

We were supported by Naturally Langkawi during our trip, but all opinions are, as always, my own.

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Have you been to a 3D Art Museum?  What did you think?

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