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There were two words that I always loved together but always wanted to know more about: pintxos San Sebastian. Those two words, to me, exemplified everything about Spanish cuisine, and its uniqueness. We traipsed all over San Sebastian Spain, in and out of pintxos bars, to learn everything we possibly could about the most well known, and least understood, Spanish cuisine. It was a sacrifice, trust me.

By the end of our trip to San Sebastian I was so full all I wanted to do was crawl into bed. But, it was worth it to provide travelers to the Basque Country the 10 best pintxos in San Sebastian. Plus we recommend the San Sebastian restaurants and bars where you can find these tasty treats.

The Best Pintxos San Sebastian 2018

This is our list of the best pintxos in San Sebastian in 2018. Some of these pintxos are true classics. Others are found at some of the more contemporary places for pintxos in San Sebastian. Hopefully, we can update this San Sebastian pintxos guide periodically to help you find the best pintxos.

10 Best Pintxos San Sebastian - Tapas San Sebastian - san sebastian best pintxos

San Sebastian Tapas or Pintxos?

First, a little lesson on what you even call these plates of goodness. First, tapas, which you can find all over Spain, traditionally started as a small bit of food that is placed on top of a glass to keep the bugs out. Currently, tapas tend to be slightly larger portions than they once were. They can include plates of jamon, croquettes, or patatas bravas, for example.

But, San Sebastian is not known for tapas, it’s known for pinchos, or pintxos (just not pintxo’s!) in the local San Sebastian Basque language. For the most part, pintxos are small portions, normally served on a stick or skewer. When ordering, you order one pintxo per person. But, look around, occasionally pintxos can be slightly larger portions, at least large enough to share. And the slightly larger ones should be shared to help you last longer on a tour of San Sebastian restaurants.

The moral of the story here is that as a traveler, instead of asking for the best tapas in San Sebastian Spain, you are really looking for the best San Sebastian pintxos bars, (and the best San Sebastian pintxos) and what to order at each of these bars.

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Our List of the 10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian

Some of the following pintxos are definite must eats while touring San Sebastian. Others are the best pintxos we found, even if they weren’t the most traditional. These were the ones we returned for over and over, sometimes twice in one day.

And, we had a little bit of help in creating our list of the 10 best pintxos. Some of these we tried during our Devour San Sebastian Pintxos and Wine Tour. Devour San Sebastian taught us all about how to eat, and order, the best pintxos in San Sebastian. And, they gave us a great head start on the best San Sebastian bars for food.

Read what other travelers say about Devour San Sebastian Pintxos Tour here.

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Gilda – The Original Pintxo

10 Best Pintxos San Sebastian - Restauran San Sebastian - san sebastian best pintxos

10 Best Pintxos San Sebastian - Cafe San Sebastian

The original pintxos. The story is that a patron at Txeptexa liked the flavor of the snacks that were served at the bar. At the time, they included anchovies, pickled peppers, and olives. This patron liked them so much that he skewered them all together to try all the flavors in one bite. The term pintxo refers to the stick that was used to skewer the tasty treats.

At Txepetxa, they’ve been offering the gilda every since, and they pride themselves on how they clean and cure the anchovies. A family trade secret. Even if you don’t generally eat anchovies, try them here. It’s worth it. But, it is a mouthful. Took me at least 2 bites!

Where to eat it: Txepetxa, C/ Pescaderia 5

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10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian tapas bars

Unlike the salted and cured version of the anchovy used the gilda, these boquerones are fresh anchovies. The anchovies are served in vinegar and olive oil, perhaps with pepper, garlic, or parsley. They are so fresh and tangy and offer the perfect pairing with a crisp white Basque wine called Txakoli.

Where to eat it: Bar la Vina, C/ 31 de Agosto 3 

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10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian - Borda Berri San Sebastian

Okay, so risotto is not a traditional Basque pintxo. And, after going to the pintxos bar that serves this particular risotto several nights in a row and seeing the plates of risotto fly out of the kitchen we had to try it. And, so glad we did. This risotto with creamy Idiazabal cheese is addictive!

Where to eat it: Bar Borda-Berri San Sebastian, C/ Fermin Calbeton 12. I would count this as one of the best pintxos bars in San Sebastian. We were there at least once a day. Get there early to get a space at the bar!


10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian - restaurant tapas San Sebastian

Another addictive, but untraditional pintxo, also at Bar Borda-Berri. This kebab is a slow-cooked pork rib and placed delicately over a sauce that seemed to be a mixture of curry with a slight coffee flavor. Easily one of the best pintxos we ate in San Sebastian.

Where to eat it: Bar Borda-Berri, C/ Fermin Calbeton 12

Pimiento Bonito

10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian Spain food

Described, somewhat unattractively as a bonito stuffed pepper served with tartare sauce, there is nothing wrong with this pintxo. It is a vinegary pepper, stuffed with tuna (not bonito, which I usually associate with smoked tuna flakes in Japanese food). This was also equally addictive. If it is not on the bar, ask for it. They have more in the back. Thanks to Karen over at Global Help Swap for the recommendation!

Where to eat it: Bar Martinez, C/ 31 de Agosto 23

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Grilled Octopus Brochette

10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian

While at Bar Martinez for the tuna stuffed pepper, check out their octopus brochette (pulpo). Grilled tender and served with two slices of soft potato, all topped with spicy paprika. And, the entire plate is doused with an olive oil, garlic, parsley, and heaven mixture. Ask for some bread to sop up every last drop of this sauce! Being slightly larger, we shared this one, easily one of the best tapas in San Sebastian.

Where to eat it: Bar Martinez, C/ 31 de Agosto 23

Brocheta de Gambas

10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian

A more traditional option, this cooked to order shrimp skewer is topped with a perfect pepper sauce. My only complaint? I could use more sauce and a bigger piece of bread to scrape up the sauce. But, the solution to this problem? Order a second.

Where to eat it: Bar Goiz-Argi, C/ Fermin Calbeton 4

Gambas Gabardina

10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian

We walked into this pintxos bar and I ordered dos gambas gabardina. Eric had no idea what I ordered. While waiting, he said, “I could go for something deep fried.” Seconds later, these deep fried, tempura style shrimp. Ask and I shall deliver.

Where to eat it: El Tambori, C/ Pescaderia 2


10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian - Pinchos San Sebastian

Txangurro is the famous Basque crab. It is often served creamy, with roe, or on top of a piece of bread. It’s also entirely tasty in a Txangurro tartlet. If not on the bar, ask for it by name. They bake it in an over just behind the bar. It’s a perfectly baked bite of goodness.

Where to eat it: Bar Ganbara, C/ San Jeronimo 21


10 Best Pintxos in San Sebastian - Pinchos San Sebastian

Not your typical pintxos, this falls squarely within the modern pintxos category. Cochino is a suckling pig, perfectly tender, with crisp skin, and topped with crystallized Maldon salt.

Where to eat it: La Cuchara de San Telmo, C/ 31 de Agosto 28 (tucked into the corner of the square)

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This list just scratches the surface of the San Sebastian pintxos to track down, and only offers a few of the best tapas bars in San Sebastian. I will say, I can’t wait to return and search for the next best pintxo San Sebastian can offer us, and I will update this list accordingly!

San Sebastian Hotels

Hotels in San Sebastian Spain – San Sebastian Travel Guide

There are loads of hotels both within San Sebastian and in the surrounding area. Within San Sebastian old town there are a lot of hostels and pensions, but it can get loud and crazy in the heart of the land of pintxos and cider. We offer two recommendations just at the edge of the old town.

We stayed at the Hotel Parma, where rooms without a view start at only €50 in the low season. Rooms with a view of the sea are a lot more. They also have parking available for €15 a night. (Book on Booking.com | Book on Hotels.com | Rooms from $50 | Check TripAdvisor reviews here)

For a more luxury experience, check out Hotel Maria Christina, a Starwood Luxury Collection property. Rooms start at €250 a night. (Book on Booking.com | Book on Hotels.com | Rooms from $275 | Check TripAdvisor reviews here)

Get more San Sebastian hotel recommendations here or check out more TripAdvisor San Sebastian reviews.

*This post contains compensated links. Find more info in my DISCLAIMER. We were hosted by Devour San Sebastian to test out their food tour, but we love them anyway and recommend them all over Spain!

San Sebastian Spain Map – Where to Find the Best San Sebastian Food

Just click on the San Sebastian map below to find out how to get to the best San Sebastian restaurants and best pintxo bars San Sebastian can offer! All of these San Sebastian tapas bars are located in Old Town, and all within a few blocks of one another. If you only have one day in town, it’s possible (although not recommended) to hit them all in one day.

San Sebastian Pintxos Map:

How to Enjoy the Top 10 Pintxos – San Sebastian

Things to do in San Sebastian:

  • Take the Devour San Sebastian Food Tour, which starts at €99. Book hereRead what other travelers say about Devour San Sebastian here. The San Sebastian pinchos tour is amazing. Not only is there tasty food to eat, but they also explain how to order pintxos, which can be pretty intimidating.
  • Or, take a San Sebastian winery tour in Rioja from $360.
  • Eat at one of the best restaurants in San Sebastian – Arzak Restaurant – San Sebastian. This really is the best of San Sebastian when it comes to food!

Learn more: Learn about San Sebastian on Amazon, including Chef Juan Mari’s book, Arzak’s Secrets or the Michelin Guide to Spain.

Pin It! San Sebastian Pintxos

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